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DUI Defense

Many lawyers are willing to dabble in DUI cases - if you or a family member are charged with a DUI  you need an lawyer that knows the ins and outs of DUI's.   More...

Criminal Defense

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, make sure you choose someone who has the experience and knowledge to protect your interests.  More...

If you or a family member has been arrested you need an experienced and aggressive Criminal - DUI defense attorney

As an Arizona criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale, Mr. Borrelli handles criminal and DUI cases throughout Maricopa County and the State of Arizona. He has spent more than a decade protecting people charged in Criminal and DUI cases in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and throughout the State.


In today's "tough on crime" political climate the criminal justice system is often an unfair system - issuing as much punishment as possible as often as possible. Under the current system many innocent people get abused by the system and those that do commit criminal acts are often over charged and over punished. Mandatory sentencing laws tie judges' hands, giving prosecuting attorneys too much power. As a result, many people have been given lengthy prison or unreasonable jail sentences, even for non-violent or less serious offenses, while others receive undeserved criminal convictions. An experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between getting run over by the system or ensuring that your rights are protected and the system works for you. Being accused of a crime is a confusing and painful thing.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Borrelli is experienced in the criminal system and strives to make sure his clients are informed and have someone fighting for their interests. He focuses his practice almost entirely in the area of Criminal and DUI Defense in the Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale area of Arizona. Mr. Borrelli handles all levels of Criminal Defense and DUI Defense cases in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and throughout Arizona, including criminal and DUI charges in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. He is an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer who has handled Felony and Misdemeanor criminal charges throughout Arizona. He puts his experience as an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney to work to get his clients the best possible results in their cases and to make sure that they are fully informed every step of the way.

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney in Scottsdale

Many lawyers in the Scottsdale - Phoenix area dabble in the Criminal Defense arena, while focusing on a large load of civil, divorce and other types of cases. They believe that Arizona Criminal Defense is simple. Unfortunately, handling civil matters can be entirely different from handling Criminal Defense cases. Your attorney should understand the criminal system. Under Arizona law and procedure, criminal cases are governed by a completely separate set of procedural rules than any civil case. The issues are entirely different than in any divorce case or contractual dispute, since every criminal defense case deals with your fundamental constitutional rights. And in many cases, including Superior Court cases charged in the Phoenix area, a separate set of judges handle criminal cases. If you are accused of a criminal act it is important to get representation from a defense lawyer who stays current in the legal issues of criminal defense, and is experienced in and familiar with the criminal courts and prosecuting agencies of Arizona and the Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale area.

Aggressive Responsive Representation

Mr. Borrelli is an experienced criminal trial lawyer. When a client chooses to fight at trial, Mr. Borrelli will work hard to develop the case, collecting all necessary discovery and employing investigators when necessary to ensure he has all the necessary information. He is an attorney that will fight hard to convince the jury of his client's perspective. In representing his clients, Mr. Borrelli will do everything he can to protect their liberty. He strives to keep his clients out of jail and/or prison, and limit any economic impact from their charges. Mr. Borrelli understands some cases should not go to trial and his experience as a criminal defense attorney includes effectively negotiating with Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale area prosecutors for reasonable resolutions of cases with the least possible punishment to his clients

As a lawyer practicing criminal and DUI defense, Mr. Borrelli's first goal is to make sure that his clients' constitutional rights are protected and the burden to his clients is minimized. The first line of defense used by a criminal attorney in many criminal and DUI cases is the filing of motions to suppress evidence. If the Police or prosecuting attorney violated his clients' rights in any way while collecting evidence, Mr. Borrelli will fight to suppress that evidence and when successful, this may lead to dismissal of the criminal or DUI charges. The government must follow the rules, no matter what the charge. This is the foundation of liberty.

In many cases it can be vital to hire a Phoenix Arizona Criminal or DUI Defense Lawyer before charges are brought. In pre-charging negotiations, Mr. Borrelli presents his client's point of view to the charging prosecutor, working to persuade the prosecuting attorney not to charge, or to charge correctly and avoid overcharging his clients. Above all, Mr. Borrelli will ensure that his clients have all the necessary information, and are aware of all the potential consequences so that they may make informed decisions. This forms the foundation of a quality attorney - client relationship.

You have rights, Exercise them!

Do not speak to anyone about your case until you speak to a criminal defense lawyer, even if not Mr. Borrelli. Do not speak to the police, the prosecuting attorney, your family or friends. All criminal charges are serious matters and the advise of a Criminal Defense Attorney is important. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you and the truth will not always set you free!!!

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