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Is your Chair Causing you Back pain?

Is your Chair Causing you Back pain?

Back pain

Is your Chair Causing you Back pain?

A universal problem caused to most of the working professionals is the prevalent back pain. According to studies, every six in ten working professionals suffer from chronic or acute back pain, which is only getting worse over the years. Sitting in office chairs for prolonged hours can cause chronic back pain even in young adults. This is because a static posture, strains the back muscles, the muscles of the neck, arms and legs. Sometimes, this pain can spread to the spinal discs as well.

Sitting in office chairs

Besides being uncomfortable, these office chairs have also proved to induce a poor sitting posture at home and in the workplace, that have the capability of causing ergonomic spinal or back damage. Although the solution to these back pains generated due to office chairs can take its own sweet time for treatment, some doctors and medical professionals also recommend chairs for back pain, that can ease the stress on the muscles and induce comfort.

Considerations while sitting in an office chair

Here are some of the tips and guidelines while sitting in an office chair.

Elbow measure: Every nerve in our body is connected. By maintaining a comfortable posture and an apt distance between the desk and your upper arms, you can set the posture parallel to the spine. Unless the elbows are at 90 degrees, move the Chair up or down to adjust the positions.

Thigh measures: Sitting posture plays a crucial role in eliminating or rather reducing the strain caused on your back. For this, make sure you can easily slide your hand below the thighs at the corner of the Chair. If you find it challenging to do, you have to adjust the footrest.

Calf measures: If your clenched fist can slide easily between the back of your calf and the front of your chair, then you’re at the right position. If not, you ought to adjust your Chair accordingly so that you have ample rest for your back muscles as well as the foot.

Support for lower back: One of the significant reasons people suffer from chronic lower back pain is because of the gap between the Chair and the lower back muscles. The bottom, of the back, should always be pressed against the end of the air. If this does not happen, then posture can be adjusted by using a cushion or a pillow on the back. This prevents the excessive strain on the spinal discs and the lumbar region.

lower back

Avoid static posture: No matter how comfortable your Chair is, a prolonged static posture can cause back pain. Hence, it is essential to take breaks, stretch and walk around for a minute or to, very 1 hour, to stretch the ligaments, muscles and tendons.

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